Possible Smith Ancestor

I now know of at least 3 family history researchers of the Jesse Kirby Smith line besides myself: Jerry Cleveland Smith, Sandra Jackson, and now Richard Smith.  Jerry descended from Dock Smith.  Sandra descended from Ella Smith Findley.  Richard descended from John W. Smith. We descended from Lillie Smith Blake.  Some Smiths on census records are obviously not ours like THIS ONE from Alabama which some researchers claim was for Jesse Kirby Smith's father.  Kitty's suggestion for our Jesse Kirby Smith's census record raises questions also but none that couldn't be overcome with a little more research.  Here, below, is what Kitty found: 

Jessi Smith 1850 U.S. Census of
Macon, Bibb County, GA
This 1850 Census of Bibb County, Georgia (not Alabama), shows a "Jessi (sic) Smith" living in Macon in a ritzy section of town very close to Elam Alexander.  More on Elam Alexander below.  Jessi's family is highlighted in Yellow.  A possible relative next-door neighbor is highlighted below him in blue.

The head of hous is a female, "E Smith," age 60, whose property value is $1200.  This was no small amount in 1850 and showed that her property was valued at 5 times the amount of some of her neighbors.

This Jesse on this 1850 Bibb County, Georgia Census is shown as a 29-year-old [cotton] "Gin Maker."  That would mean he was born about 1821.

Jesse told the 1870 Bibb County, Alabama census taker he was 52 which meant he was born about 1818.  We are certain that this is Jesse because (a) he was living in the house where he was when he died and because (b) the names and birth years of several of the children on the 1870 census match his known children.

This same proven Jesse told the Bibb County, Alabama census taker in 1880 that he was 60 years old which meant he was born about 1820.  These birth dates shifting a year or two from 1870 to 1880 are common for people living back then.  This helps confirm that the "Jessi" son of "E Smith" in Bibb County, Georgia in 1850 may be the same person.
Jessi Smith 1850 Census.txtThis is a text file that gives more details about the "Jessi Smith" mentioned above.  It also discusses a non-related person, Elam Alexander, who is a very wealthy neighbor.  As mentioned above, there's more information about this man in the two links below.
Elam Alexander 1850 Census Macon Bibb GA p158.jpgOn the 1850 Bibb County, Georgia census one page prior to "Jessi Smith" is Elam Alexander living in a home that would be considered a mansion today.  Alexander was a wealthy Georgia business man and philanthropist whose gift helped establish several schools, some of which are still there in Macon, GA. More on Elam Alexander below.
Elam_Alexander(1796-1863)This is a printable PDF file that gives a biography of Elam Alexander.  I included it here only because he appears on the page previous to the 1850 Census page that "Jessi Smith" is on. The fact that such a wealthy man was neighbor to Jessi could make it harder to prove his our Jesse Kirby Smith because our Jesse Kirby Smith was quite poor and this "Jessi Smith" obviously lived in a ritzy part of town.

This, however, is not that hard to accept since many fortunes were lost as a result of the Civil War.  Add this also to the fact that Jesse Kirby Smith's wife, Frances Fulllman, was possibly a mulatto or part black and part Native American.  More research is needed to prove this but evidence for it is building.  As a side note, Elam Alexander was not related to the Smiths, he was only a wealthy neighbor.