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(A page for me to share photos with Randy, Deb, and others who may be interested)

Joyce Helms Minor Highschool 1949.jpgJoyce Helms high school photo from Minor Highschool 1949
Tony Youngblood 1941--.jpgTony Youngblood 1941 at Labuco Elementary School photo
Tony Youngblood 1948--.jpgTony Youngblood 1948 Minor Highschool photo
Tony Youngblood & Susie 1952--.jpgTony Youngblood and Susie in Mulga 1952
Little - Dot 12-55.jpgDot Little December 1955.  Photo taken in Mulga.
Youngblood - Dorothy 1944.jpgDot Little school photo 1944
Youngblood - Dorothy 1947--.jpgDot Little and Wayne Johnson August 1947
Youngblood - Dorothy 1969--.jpgDot Little 1969
Youngblood - Dot 1945.jpgDot Little 1945 school photo
Mama and Papa Youngblood 1947--.jpgSprat & Gertrude 1947 in Mulga
Mama and Papa Youngblood -- before 1948.jpgSprat & Gertrude photo taken before 1948 downtown Birmingham, Alabama
Youngblood - Gaston abt 1940Sprat portrait taken about 1940
Youngblood - Gaston R Sprat.jpgSprat at work as an electrician for the mines
Youngblood - Gaston RSprat Youngblood photo date unknown
Youngblood - Gaston Sprat 1968--.jpgSprat Youngblood in 1968 as a union local president in a hotel room at a UMWA convention in Denver, Colorado.
Papa and Susie Little 1-52
Sprat Youngblood and Susie Little in Mulga 1952
Papa -- and Susie in Mulga 1952.jpgSprat Youngblood and Susie Little in Mulga 1952
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