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My PedigreeIf you'd like a short, Text File version of my Pedigree, click the link. is a lineage website for those whose surname is Vinson or Vincent whose Y-DNA belongs to the Haplogroup I1.  There are Vincents of other Haplogroups.  They are not  related to us.  

You can prove you're related by taking a Y-DNA test (37 marker or higher) or by appropriate Primary and Secondary Sources.  If you choose to have your DNA tested, I highly recommend Family Tree DNA.  I've tested with other companies.  FTDNA has the best tests, the largest databases, the best tools, and the most thorough follow-up or any testing company.  They set the standard for other DNA testing companies to follow.  

NOTE: Although FTDNA offers the less expensive 12 marker test (Y-DNA12), you need the 37 marker (Y-DNA37) or higher to prove a connection. The 37 marker test can prove a connection within the last 200 years while a 12 marker test will only prove you are related since Medieval Europe (725 years ago).
Blake Reunion Facebook pageThanks to Cousin Claude for creating this page.  The Joseph Benjamin Blake and Lillie Viola Smith Family Reunion page on Facebook was created as a gathering place for the first Blake Family Reunion we've had in decades.  Hope we have at least one more before I die.  It was great to see all our cousins again.  Two of the Bibb County Alabama Warren brothers, Samual Leroy Warren (1890 - 1970) and Grover Cleveland Warren (1900 - 1937) married Blake sisters Lilly and Oney.  Sam's 10 children and Oney's two were "double-first" cousins and share near identical DNA the same as brothers and sisters.  For a time, a separate web page,, was created for the reunion but all posts on that website have since been redirected to
Pawpaw LittleCoot Little was known to his grandchildren as "Pawpaw" (there must be a million Pawpaws out there).  For me he was a neighbor, a loyal father-in-law, and a good friend.  After his death I created this tribute to him.
YoungbloodsPhotos of Youngblood ancestors of Dot Little.
Kelly'sPhotos of Kelly ancestors of Dot Little.
Pedigree-TEXTThis was an experiment that never quite worked out.  However it did eventually lead to the development of my current home page for  I always wanted a simple text version of my pedigree but with hyperlinks. 

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