Oakley “Pawpaw” Vincent

I can’t recall if I’ve let kin know about all the photos of our Pawpaw Vincent (Oakley Vincent 1870-1955).  I just posted a couple more so here they are.

These first two photos are the most recent.  A 1950 of Oakley at Calera, Alabama:

This is Oakley and Oma Seay Vincent taken at the same time:

The remaining photos have been on the website a while.  If you’ve already downloaded them, no need to do so again.  Here’s the oldest, Oakley probably taken on or before 1906.  Before he married he was the overseer of a plantation in Selma, Alabama.  On the back, this photo mentions the Selma address:

This is Oakley, Oma, and Aaron about 1908:

I have no photos of Oakley between when he was a young man and when he was old.  Here’s when he was maybe 75 years old:

This photo is a pencil drawing obviously created by a Camera Lucida from the 1906 photo.  This was a technique used by artists to make a large portrait since only small photos were available until much later:

Another photo of Oakley, date unknown:

A final photo of Oakley taken at Calera, Alabama when his youngest son, Harry, was still in the Navy sometime between 1941 and 1945:

I hope you enjoyed these photos of my grandfather, D. Oakley Vincent.  (<— for more on Oakley, click the link)

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    • Your great-grandfather would smile at that. I never knew him that well but I’ve been told I have some of his habits. We all probably inherited our reflux from him and our insistence of separating our food on our plates so stuff doesn’t run together.

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