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My oldest daughter told me she saves these stories I share on this blog.  Good!  I don’t.  Someone should.  Copy and save them on your home computer or print them like my cousin Phyllis in New Mexico does if you wish.  That’s why I created this blog, so you could have the photos, heirlooms, and the stories that go with them.

One of these heirloom stories is about my grandfather’s bible.  Grandchildren who knew their grandparents are the lucky ones.  By 1955, when I was 8 years old, all 4 of my grandparents had died.  I never really knew them.

I have only a few vague memories of my Pawpaw, Oakley Vincent (<—click highlighted links).  Aunt Evelyn and Uncle John lived next door to us when I was growing up.  My brothers Rick & Larry, Cousin Cassie, and my childhood friend Arthur will remember their screened in front porch which faced our house.  That’s where Pawpaw Oakley stayed the last days of his life.

I remember him there.  It was shielded from the insects and he could get fresh air.  My brother Rick would be out in the yard and Pawpaw would shout to my aunt, “Evelyn, there’s a man in the yard!”  He didn’t realize it was his grandson.  It was on that porch I recall him reading his Bible.  He loved reading the scriptures.  I was fortunate to inherit that Bible and still have it.  It’s falling apart but you can still read my grandfather’s name on the cover.

On the inside flyleaf, is a dedicatory page that shows it was given to him by my Aunt Evelyn and Uncle John for Christmas.  Here’s a close-up that shows it was presented to him December 25, 1939.  My Pawpaw didn’t write much in it.  There are no markings except for the New Testament.  Aunt Evelyn told me he read from the book of Revelation a lot.  That’s where almost all the markings are.

He made vertical marks with a pencil either side of the verses he marked.  I’ve created a PDF file of those verses.  You can READ THEM HERE.  They are: Rev.3:7-12; 5:9,10; 6:12-17; 7:13-17; and 14:1-5.  They speak of the last days but are mostly about temples and Mt. Zion which Oakley said in his only margin note that it would be in the United States.  Oakley was a Methodist.  I don’t know if they believe that.  It’s my belief, though.  As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this belief can be found in our Articles of Faith #10.

I hope you enjoyed the links to the photos.  For those who are from my generation, it’s a trip down memory lane.  For the younger generations, I hope you can learn to cherish these heirlooms and stories for what they are – another little piece of family history.

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