photo of Ron.V with parents and grandparents

Photos of Ron.V with parents and grandparents

My name is Ron Vincent. I go by “Ron.V” on most of my websites. You’re reading this because we’re related to each other.

If you want the full story of why this blog was created, click on “Why Was This Blog Created?” in the upper-right corner of the blog. This is the short version. I uploaded all the family photos I’ve collected to this website: MyKinFolks.org which is my personal genealogy website.  Before I get too old to remember, I needed a way to share these photos and the stories behind them that I’ve collected over the years.

Because of DNA genealogy and other websites, I’ve made recent contacts with my first wife’s Cousins Randy & Deb Youngblood and on my dad’s side of the family with distant Cousin Ted McClellan, each of which have shared some rare and precious photos I’ve never seen.  None of us have.  Many photos were shared on the Blake Family Reunion Facebook page that Cousin Claude Plowman setup for us.  And Cousin Judy Abels has shared so many photos we can’t identify them all.  What treasures!

I plan to share this Blog by email and Social Media (Facebook, Google+, etc.) then all you who receive it can forward it to your kin (children, siblings, etc.) who are related to me. As you read the posts on this Blog, hopefully you’ll learn something you didn’t know about our family. And if you have additional photos, maybe you’d be willing to share copies of them.

So browse around. Check out the the other pages and posts. Leave a comment here, post a comment on Facebook, or send me an email reply. If you have questions, please email me. I’ll be glad to answer.  If you don’t have my email address, just leave a comment, tell me how I know you, and ask for it.  I’ll have your email address and I’ll email you.


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  1. Hi Ronnie — This website is fantastic. I’m just now beginning to explore your posts but I am really enjoying them. Thanks so much for putting this together.
    Kevin (Faye and Glynn’s son)

    • Kevin,
      I’m so grateful to hear from you. Many of Oakley’s descendants have taken an interest in their Vincent Family story but don’t realize what all is available for them. Check out VincentFamily.org for example. It’s all about our Vincent ancestors and Vincents only. The “Vincent” side of MyKinFolks.org includes both Pawpaw Oakley Vincent’s ancestors and Mamaw Oma Seay Vincent’s ancestors. From the main page of MyKinFolks.org (my personal genealogy website) are links in the lower-right corner to the blog as well as old family photos galore. You would be most interested in Vincent, Seay, and Pace folders in the photos and documents there.

      There’s also a MyKinFolks Facebook page if you’re interested, mostly to encourage family members to visit the website, but it can be also used to share old photos with others if no scanner is available. I have email addresses of some of your cousins as well. If you have email or Facebook pages of your siblings or cousins you’d like to share, I welcome them. Folks like your mom and I are getting older. We hope others will take an interest in sharing a sort of “family reunion” electronically. I’m glad you discovered the blog. Please share with anyone who might be interested. By the way, thank you for your service to our country! ~Ron.V

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