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Blake BookThis link is to a large, 7.25 Megabyte PDF file copy of my book A History of the Family of Marion Alonzo Blake published in 1991 (the latest edition).  Marion Blake was my mother's maternal great-grandfather.  This copy of my book was reproduced from my personal copy and had notes in it made by me.  The book is NOT copyrighted.  Take this PDF file and have it printed by any printer/copier such as Kinko's.  It is 124 pages long.  Appendix-I is the autiobiography of my mother, Doris, which she wrote in 1979 and later.  Appendix-II is all I knew in 1991 about our Warren ancestors, two of which married into the Blake Family.  For more on the Warrens, visit this Findagrave link to Lafayette Leon Warren and read what it says about him, his siblings, and ancestors.

The book is a descendancy of all known descendants of Marion Alonzo Blake (1848-1922) at the time of publication.  For more ancient Blake History, download
Blakes of Bibb County Alabama 1819-1988 , the 1988 edition of Chester R. Johnsons book (4.07 MB filesize).
Vincent BookThis link is to a large, 11 Megabyte PDF file copy of my book A Brief History of the Family of Aaron Vincent.  It was published in 1990, is 65 pages long, and includes pages with notes from my personal copy.  It is not copyrighted.  Feel free to have a copy printed at your local printer/copier such as Kinko's.  This is a descendancy and does not include Ancient Vincents.  Instead it is a genealogy that gives all the descendants of Aaron Vincent (1835-1901) that were known at the time of publication.  It includes some errors.  More accurate information is available on the Vincent lineage website: or you can visit my Wikitree page at:

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