Kellys Page

(A page for me to share photos with Randy, Deb, and others who may be interested)

Kelly - Gertrude 1-56.jpgGertrude Kelly Youngblood, January 1956
Kelly - Gertrude 7-56.jpgGertrude Kelly Youngblood, July 1956
Kelly - Gertrude abt 1940.jpgGertrude Kelly Youngblood, about 1940
Kelly - Gertrude at Mulga 10-56.jpgGertrude Kelly Youngblood, in Mulga October 1956
Kelly - Gertrude Iver 1969.JPGGertrude Kelly Youngblood 1969
Kelly - Mama and Grandpaw (back).jpgThe back side of a photo of John Scott Kelly (1866-1965) and Margaret Ethel Montgomery (1870-1946)
Kelly - Mama and Grandpaw (front).jpgFront of above mentioned photo.  On the back it says "Mama and Grandpa Kelly."  I'm pretty sure Sue Little Vincent told me this was John Scott "Grandpa" Kelly and his wife, Margaret Ethel.  Date unknown.
Mama Youngblood Mulga 1952.jpgGertrude Kelly Youngblood, photo taken in Mulga, 1952
Paw Kelly and Mama in Mulga 1952.jpgJohn Scott Kelly and Gertrude Kelly Youngblood, 1952, photo taken in Mulga
Paw Kelly and Sandy in Mulga 1952.jpgJohn Scott Kelly and Sandy Little, 1952, photo taken in Mulga

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